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This is Stop Motion 2.0 !

Generative AI is great, but it is not a replacement for human creativity, ingenuity, critical thinking and emotional understanding.

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Not just a powerful stop motion / timelapse app

It has lots of features for traditioal stop motion or timelapse making. But it is way more than that!

Mix of real and virtual

Enhance your video or stop-motion project by incorporating virtual objects to add depth and richness to the visual experience.

animatives drawing cutout

A digital world of reusable objects

Crop kids' drawing or any photo, or draw them inside the app. And then breathe life into them with animations that perfectly fit your narrative.

animatives drawing cutout

Stop Motion 2.0

Frame by frame precise control. Move, refine, apply curves, or let objects follow your finger's path, perfecting every element until it moves as you envision.

Record your drawing

Record the whole process of drawing, the tedious and fun parts.

Product video for marketing

Promote your product or event with a few clicks.

Easy storytelling

Easily make an animated story. Imagine your own Peppa Pig or South Park stories!

animatives on iphone 15 animatives on ipad 10

Simple Yet Powerful

Designed with intuitive controls, it empowers anyone (including small kids) to become an animator, regardless of experience. It downplays the concepts of the timeline and layers (even though they still exist).

Unleash your imagination and creativity

A few examples made by non-professtoinals (app developers and small kids). Nothing fancy. Most are made under 10 mins.

You will make better animations, with a little bit of patience, like building Legos! Consider mixing any of the effects below.

Traditional Stop Motion

Use the app's camera to take photos and combine into a stop motion video

Stop Motion with Paper Cutouts

Use kids' drawing cutouts and real objects to make a stop motion

In-app Stop Motion with Virtual Objects

Crop kids' drawing as cut outs, or import any images, and use them in your virtual canvas (so no need to secure your phone to take tons of photos)

Stop Motion with Virtual Objects

Add objects to your triditional stop motion

Super Sayan Kamehameha

Quickly draw two animated objects and add them to the video frames

Traditional Timelapse

Use the app's camera to take photos and combine into a timelapse video

Traditional Timelapse

Use the app's camera to take photos and combine into a timelapse video

Rabbit and Tortoise

Easily make a kid story, using your own drawing.
Imagine your own Peppa Pig or South Park stories!

Record your drawing

Capture the whole process of your drawing

Drawing + animation

Simple drawing + simple animation. Idea from here.

Frame by frame drawing

Draw on every frame using onion skin

Video Marketing

A short promotional video for a product or event.

Add visual effects to video

Using an animated object and a eraser mask to add visual effects to a video

Text font and colors

Simple change of text styles, and a backgroud block's color

Simple Text Animation

Simply move the text to create interesting effects

Add hands to objects

Animate a simple part to give life to anything.

Use virtual drawing to animate

Draw a few objects in the app, and use them to make an animation.

Simple Moving of Objects

Move, rotate and scale the objects however you want

Combine Photos

Use any photos in your gallery, or import them from iCloud, your private library, or the Internet


Move objects on your photo or video

Super Saiyan

Use object as an "eraser" mask

Masked Fire

Use any object as a "window" mask

Text mask

Use text as a "window" mask

Harry Porter vs The Death

Mixing a video & virtual objects

Flying Baby

Add an animated object on your photo

Cat Dancing on Piano

Move a virtual object on video frames

Basketball Dunking

Simply move objects

Playing Basketball

Moving your objects, in a fun way

Infinite Doors

Create a zooming object (e.g. a door), and reuse it

Painting Words

Use a mask to show the words progessively

Boxing a Monster

Interact with the virtual objects frame by frame

Tesla Roaster

Moving objects, with moving Camera (Pro+)

The Tree of Buttons

Adding lots of objects

Donuts Got Eaten

Use a drawing object as an "eraser" mask


Simply scale up an image with a cubic transition

Add a Face

Put an animated face to a static object to make it alive

Good Job

Crop the thumb as a separate object and animate it


Move the text object to follow the hand's movement

Lightning on the Bear

Just adding some funny objects

Virtual Stamping

Stamp, and use a mask to show to show the text

Add a Photo Frame

Add a photo frame to make your photo pop

Harry Potter

Use the app's dot art tool to create your objects

Download for your iPhone and iPad

We are working on the Android version while listening to your feedback on the iOS app. If you are interested in the Android version, please join the Android Waiting List.

animatives ios download


Here is a list of tutorial videos for you to get started.


Frame by Frame Control

Add, edit or move the frames, and each edit focues on objects, not layers. This is object-oriented animation.

Static or Animated

Objects can be a static image, or a list of images being used sequentially. You may use one object in drafting, and replace it with another one (e.g. replacing a character or background image)

Object transition

Put a pin on the object, and apply curve transitions (e.g. linear, cubic, Expo, etc.) on location, size, rotation and transparency. You may also draw a path to set the locations of an object.

Flexible Aspect Ratio and Sizes

Square, 4:3, 3:4, 16:9, 9:16, or circle.
Export from 360p up to 4K.

MP4 or GIF Export

Export up to 4K MP4 or GIF, and use the GIFs as iMessage stickers in the Animatives Keyboard.

Add Music, Sounds, and Voiceovers

Easily add musics, sounds, and voiceovers to the timeline.

Import from many sources

Import from your photos, extract frames from your videos, download from our cloud storage, the Files app (which can be connected to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, your server etc.) and any web URL.

Custom fonts and music/sounds

Make videos by importing your own resources, or simply use the in-app connection to Google Font, Creazilla, Apple Music,, etc.

Our Cloud Idea Store

We featured the interesting projects in our Idea store, some of which are available to download. Pro+ users can also upload their projects & objects into a private cloud storage to share them between their own devices, or sharing them to others e.g. students or business clients.

Who is Animatives for?

Kids and Students

Unleash your creativity and bring your ideas and assignments to life with animation.


Engage students with interactive animations that make learning an exciting and enriching experience.

Content Creators

Elevate your content with dynamic visuals that grab attention and leave a lasting impression.


Transform your sketches and concepts into living, breathing animations that showcase your vision.

We animations!

We are based in Sydney, Australia.